Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is one of the results of the Leonardo da Vinci partnership project “PROVE (PROject – VET – Europe): Improving Quality Assurance of EU-Project Management in VET Sector” implemented in the period 2012-2014.

It has been drawn up jointly by 9 organisations from 8 European countries. It is aimed at individuals and organisations that are active in the management of EU projects and encompasses the various perspectives of these actors. The document describes values and attitudes, skills and knowledge that an EU project manager should possess to apply for and manage EU projects properly.

The Code of Ethics strives to encourage individuals and organisations working in the field of EU project management to reflect on their performance on the basis of this Code and to improve them continuously. It is assumed that as a result of the improved EU project management the subsequent products and impact of the EU projects will be enhanced.

Individuals and organisations that would like to commit to the Code of Ethics can do so by personalising the document and having it signed. The document will be available for download on our website soon.

A list of all organisations who have signed the Code of Ethics will be made visible to the wide public through the website of the EU-Fundraising Association.

Code of Ethics for Organisations Download

Code of Ethics for Individuals Download

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