Code of Ethics

We offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to draw up a customised commitment to the Code of Ethics and to register themselves as the signatory of the document.

About the Code of Ethics

PROVE_LOGO_rotThe Code of Ethics is a collation of the principles and values held by an individual or organisation active in EU project management. It describes in detail the necessary skills and knowledge that EU project managers should possess in order to successfully implement European projects. The aim of the Code of Ethics is to contribute to the ongoing optimisation of EU project management.

The Code of Ethics was developed by nine project partners from eight different European countries within the parameters of the PROVE project (PROject – VET – Europe): Improving Quality Assurance of EU-Project Management in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector. The Code is one of the key results and new products which have arisen from the Leonardo da Vinci project partnership between 2012-2014.

The Code of Ethics is currently available in seven language versions. The English version means it is universally valid.

Preview of the Code of Ethics for Organisations:


Preview of the Code of Ethics for Individuals:


Preparing the individual Code of Ethics commitment

Individuals and organisations have the opportunity to draw up a customised Code of Ethics commitment. They thereby declare that they will carry out EU projects in accordance with the quality requirements stated therein.

By signing the Code of Ethics, individuals and organisations voluntarily bind themselves to the quality requirements specified in the Code of Ethics within EU project management. The EU-Fundraising Association gives the opportunity to draw up a customised Code of Ethics commitment. However, this doesn’t include a checkup of compliance with the voluntary commitment.

The following stages are necessary in order to produce a customised commitment to the Code of Ethcis:

  1. Enter your information (or that of your organisation) in the input field. This is for compulsory details which are required in order to produce the official Code of Ethics commitment.
  2. Once you have fully entered your information, you will be shown an overview of your data. Please carefully check your information and confirm it by clicking ‘Submit’. By doing so you are making an application to the EU-Fundraising Association for the creation of your customised Code of Ethcis.
  3. Finally, you will be shown a preview of your personalised Code of Ethics commitment as it will appear in the final PDF version. Once the EU-Fundraising Association has approved your request, a printer friendly version of this will be sent to the e-mail address which you have entered. The approval process is solely a plausibility check of the data submitted.

Create your customised Code of Ethics commitment now.

Code of Ethics Signatory page

All the individuals and organisations who have bound themselves to the Code of Ethics are displayed on the Code of Ethics Signatory page, which is organised by country. You may agree to the publication of your name and country on the corresponding website at your own discretion. If you do wish for your details to be published in the overview of signatories it is essential that you e-mail a scan of the signed English version of your individualised Code of Ethics in PDF format to the EU-Fundraising Association at: coe@eu-fundraising.eu.

The Code of Ethics is updated at regular intervals by the EU-Fundraising Association. If you should have any suggestions or wish to propose adjustments to the principles contained in the Code of Ethics, please feel free to send us an e-mail at: coe@eu-fundraising.eu. We appreciate your feedback!

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