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The Erasmus+ Mobility project “MULTIPLY – capacity-building in adult education” was based on a cooperation between the EU-Fundraising Association e.V. (Germany), alp- Activate leadership Potential (Austria), L’Ydille Lang (France) and Accademia Europea di Firenze (Italy).

The aim of MULTIPLY was to develop and to try new participative teaching methods and management skills in adult education and make them accessible to a broad public. The starting point for this purpose was the Multiple Intelligence Theory from Howard Earl Gardner. The teaching and learning content of the project therefore included derived didactic and practical exercises for adult trainers.

The project offered altogether 21 trainers, learning programme developers or project managers in adult education an opportunity to individually benefit from a 5-days training between January and May 2015 in Austria, Italy or France.

The selection of courses on offer included:

Teaching skills

The training course “teaching skills”, that was open to a broader pool of external applicants (members and non-members of EU-Fundraising Association), was mainly addressed to independent workers, fixed-term or honorary workers and job-seekers in the field of adult education.

Meet MI talents – workshop on multiple intelligences and learning techniques

26th – 30th January 2015, Vienna

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Meet MI talents – workshop on multiple intelligences and learning techniques

16th – 20th March 2015, Florence

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Management skills

This training course was intended for a closed pool of the organisation’s staff and members who were in management positions (team leader, project manager). Thereby it contributed to a further qualitative development of the organisation and simultaneously enhanced its Europeanisation.

MILD 2.0 – Multiple Intelligences as resources for Leadership Development

25th – 29th May 2015, Florence

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Lele – Learning Leadership

11th – 15th May 2015, Dinard (France)

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Each course was carried out in English.

Participation fees, travel and accommodation expenses were subsidised through the EU-programme Erasmus+. All participants received a certificate after successful completion of the training.

Further information about our partner organisation alp, responsible for the coordination of the trainings can be found here.

Your contact person for MULTIPLY:

Julia Keil (EU-Fundraising Association e.V.)
+49 (0)30/609857120


This project is funded by the European Union

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