About us

The EU-Fundraising Association

In December 2009 emcra invited 40 active EU-Fundraisers to a kick-off event in Berlin, laying the foundations for the EU-Fundraising Association. Since the start of emcra’s advanced training “EU-Fundraiser” in 2005, the creation of a network for EU-Fundraisers has been a particular objective for both emcra and the course’s participants. Through great commitment and active support of numerous helpers, the EU-Fundraising Association has finally been brought to life.

Today our network for European projects and funds offers the only opportunity so far for EU-Fundraisers to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Additionally, it provides a transnational network for European cooperation. The Association offers the following services: supporting the exchange of experience of EU-Fundraisers on national and European level, professionalising the occupational image of EU-Fundraisers and developing quality standards for EU-Fundraising as well as EU projects.

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